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Quadrature Encoder with gen4-uLCD-32PT

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  • pauleilio

    Welcome to the forum.

    The quad encoder attached to an Arduino for example will work fine. We don't have a ready made example for this but there are plenty of quad encoder examples for the Arduino, I found this library that should make the task easy and would work with a n Arduino Uno or Nano.

    The value from the encoder can then be sent via UART to the display. It would be possible to still have the switch part of the encoder connected to the Picaso so that the only serial comms is just the encoder value.

    I hope this helps

    Best regards


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  • ExS
    started a topic Quadrature Encoder with gen4-uLCD-32PT

    Quadrature Encoder with gen4-uLCD-32PT


    I have a requirement to use a quadrature encoder (with integrated push button function as a select) to control slider values on different forms. I am using the gen4-uLCD-32PT.

    I understand that it does not have the ability to connect an encoder right up to the screen like the Diablo product line. I don't have the option to switch to a Diablo screen.

    My thoughts were to connect the quad encoder to the external MCU being used and send direction and selection information through UART.

    Are there any existing resources or examples that could assist with this task?