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Setting default screen brightness

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  • Setting default screen brightness


    Is there a way to set the default screen brightness such that at power up it does not demand so much current? I cannot get my system (that is running on batteries) up and running for Arduino to adjust the setting. I have the GEN4-43DCT-CLB-SB display.

    I would like to have the display set up to power on with a contrast of 2 where it only draws 150mA.
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    If you are using the Arduino Adaptor Shield, you can change the jumpers on it (as per the datasheet for it) and route external 5V/GND from another source into H2 header to power the display.

    Hope that helps



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      So you are telling me that there is no option to download code into the display’s flash memory to set the default contrast to a low value like 2; and that I am stuck with having to provide a sufficiently strong battery source to get the system up where I can then have Arduino reconfigure the contrast setting.


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        Well as per the datasheet of the module, it gives the current consumption, so if you are powering the display with something that cannot provide sufficient current, then I am not sure what more to tell you. As mentioned, the way to get around it is power the display off a power source which is sufficient to power the SB display so it is stable, so you can reprogram it.

        If your power supply cannot supply enough current for the SB display, why was the SB version purchased? Lowering the contrast would bring it down to the normal version displays brightness.

        If you are powering via the Arduino, putting say 12V into its barrel jack, and using the 5V output pin to power the display, then the issue likely sits with the Arduino's regulator. I cant see how you have wired this up, so you will need to provide more information.


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          I assume you are using ViSi-Genie? Are you using a 4D-UPA to program the display directly, so computer - USB - 4D-UPA - 30 way FFC - gen4 Display? The driver defaults to 12 out of 15 for brightness, and in the case of ViSi-Genie it requires the Host to then control it from that point onwards. If you have Workshop4 PRO, you can use Magic to define a different value than 12, say '2' in your case, which would be the default when it boots, but you unfortunately cannot do that with ViSi-Genie by itself. If you used Designer or ViSi you could code it in your program, but then you dont have the ViSi-Genie comms which I gather you are using to your Arduino. So there are options, but it totally depends what you are doing, what you have and what you are trying to achieve.