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RMPET missing drive letter on RAW partition

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  • RMPET missing drive letter on RAW partition


    I've been using RMPET to create a 50/50% split SD card 8GB for ages but suddenly I can't get it working. Used to "delete partition table" and then create a 50/50 split with one FAT16 and one RAW. In the past, 2 drives were assigned in explorer.

    Now the RAW partition doesn't get a drive letter assigned and isn't accessible (explorer OR graphics composer). Windows integrated Disk Management is showing both partitions but I cannot assign a drive letter to the RAW partition (greyed out). In the past like 2-3 years the raw partition automatically got a drive letter assigned, now i can't even do it manually.

    Same PC (Windows 10), same SD cards, tried different SD cards as well. Also on another computer, can't get it working.

    Any Ideas? Thanks in advance!

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    Hello JimmyVS,

    Welcome to the forum.

    Kindly try to execute these steps to split an 8GB SD card to one part FAT16 and another one RAW:

    1. Open Windows CMD prompt

    2. Once CMD is open, type: diskpart

    3. After that, type: list disk

    4. Type: select disk #
    In my case, it's 'select disk 1'

    5. Finally, type: clean

    Click image for larger version

Name:	diskpart.PNG
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    After executing these steps, open RMPET tool:
    1. Select Delete Partition Table

    2. Then, Create Partition Table - percentage to allocate is 50

    Following these steps, Windows should automatically assign drive letters to both FAT16 and RAW. Let us know if this fixes the issue on your side.

    Kind regards,
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      Hello and thank you very much Sherwin!

      Unfortunatley your guide didn't solve my problem, still no letter assigned to the RAW partition.

      I've now also tried another card reader and installed the lasted 4d Workshop IDE on an old Win7 computer - still the same problem. Running out of ideas now, my first thought was a problem with a new Win 10 Update, but after trying on Win7...

      The working setup from the past was used for > 2 years I think without ever changing the system. also tried another SD card, every card so far (the working ones in the past as well) were the same type and orderer at once, so I don't think the hardware is at fault. No anti virus software or whatever running on that machine.

      Best regards,

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        Hi Jim,

        I never mentioned that I used a third party software to enable/unhide and change the drive letter of the RAW partition. Mea culpa. So, my apologies on that.

        Kindly download Paragon Partition Manager Community Edition 32/64bit from here:

        Once installed, you will need to "Unhide partition" in order to make "Change drive letter" show up on the menu. I hope that solves it.

        On a different note, if it is alright, may we know why you would want to assign a drive letter to RAW partition?

        Kind regards,
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