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  • Set object color?

    Good day.

    I have been working with ViSi-Genie to develop a product prototype. So far I am quite happy with the combination of functionality, performance and ease of use in the ViSi-Genie environment.

    There are a couple features I would like to add to my project, that I have not a found an obvious way to do yet.

    The first is, I would like to add a simple rectangle to a form, and change its color from the host (a Teensy 4.1 using the genieArduino library). To make a simple large status indicator that can be seen from across the room. Just a colored rectangle, but the color needs to change under program control.

    I am guessing this might be a job for Genie Magic. Before I dive into Workshop Pro, I thought I would check in here for any thoughts.

    Thanks and kind regards,


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    Hello Alex,

    You could use User Images to accomplish what you want to do. Kindly refer to this appnote for reference:
    AN-00034 ViSi Genie User Images

    Certainly, you could also use Genie Magic to show Primitive Object such as triangle. Please download attached project. And, please refer to this appnote for more information on how to use Genie Magic Objects:
    AN-00182 ViSi-Genie How to Add Magic Objects

    Hope this helps, do let me know if you have further query on this.

    Kind regards,
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      Hello Sherwin,

      Thank you very much for your reply. The User Images idea is a good one for a quick prototype, but ultimately I want to allow the user to choose arbitrary colors with a color picker. The project example you sent, shows me exactly what I needed to see how that will be possible with Magic objects. Again, thanks very much.

      Kind regards,



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        You're very much welcome!

        All the best,