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  • 4D Arduino genie graphics

    Has the 4D Arduino Genie Graphics program been completed. i have looked everywhere and I see that its coming but that was 3 yrs ago. I down loaded current 4D systems but it was not there or on the pro system. Has it been completed?

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    It's nearly always been there, unfortunately if you end up on that particular screen in Workshop you can easily be confused into thinking it's something different.

    Here's the updated information that will be in that place in the next workshop

    Arduino compatible Genie Graphics refers to utilising the popular ViSi-Genie technology, which is available on all 4D Systems Intelligent Displays, except for Goldeox and the genieArduino library on the Arduino in the Arduino IDE. This is a two step process, first you select the non -AR display in Workshop and develop your ViSi-Genie project laying out the display with the objects you want and setting the events to drive them. Then you use the Arduino IDE and the genieArduino library to utilise the genie functions inside the Arduino sketch to read or write information to those objects from the Atmel processor.

    refer to for your first project.


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      Thanks that makes since and i went down that path. Would you be able to offer any help connecting the two. I finished everything in the workshop but cant seem to get it connect with the programming in the arduino IDE. Any code to connect 4 user buttons would be great. Thanks for the great product