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Custom Usage of 4D-UPA + Cable lenght

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  • Custom Usage of 4D-UPA + Cable lenght

    Hi !

    I have gen4-uLCD-43D/DT Screen and in my project I need to connect it to 5 meters long USB cable.

    My first question: Using my screen on such long cable might cause some problems with communication?

    For USB - UART conversion I use 4D-UPA board.

    Is there a possibility to use it as converter but using soldering holes on PCB? (Picture picture in attachments) - Is it possible?

    The Basic gen4-IB board is perfect but it does not have a USB-UART converter on it.
    It would be easier for me to soldier the USB cables directly to board instead of using micro USB connector

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    Yes 5 metres is a bit long and we haven't tested it to go that far. As a guide I know you can buy USB extension cables at 2m lengths and I found these also,

    The setup in the image you sent wouldn't work for you. It would have to go through the Micro-USB connector as it is this which is connected to the USB converter and then Serial comes out to the thru-holes.

    Best regards