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Output GCI Index for Strings to file?

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  • Output GCI Index for Strings to file?


    How can I output the GCI Index of Strings (e.g. for iStings0) into the generated GCI Object Constant file?
    This is because I would like to use aliases in my code but the Strings index does not seem to be output into this file.



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    Hello Anguel,

    Right, no *.GCI file is generated if you only have String object but a *.txf file is generated instead. The reason why is that String object is not image based.

    I'm not quite sure what you meant by "output the GCI Index of Strings (e.g. for iStings0) into the generated GCI Object Constant file", but if it was just a linguistic error, and if what you really meant is 'from' and not 'into', then you could send a ReportMessage to output its index.

    Click image for larger version

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    You may also use SendReport() to do this. Kindly refer to page 40 of ViSi-Genie User Reference Manual for the complete list of Genie Magic Callable Functions you could use.

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards,
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      Hi Sherwin,

      What I want to achieve is being able to use my ALIAS names in my Visi Genie Magic Code instead of the cryptic iString0, iString1, ... iString99.
      So instead I want to use the alias names, e.g.NiceStringname, AnotherNiceStringName, etc.
      Again, this is inside the Visi Genie Magic Code Editor. So I thought one way to achieve this would be to output these constants into the GCIConst file and import it into the magic code, but unfortunately string alias names don't appear there. So do you have another idea how to access the alias names for strings?



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        Hello Anguel,

        Apologies for misunderstanding the question.

        I believe this is the information that you're looking for:
        ViSi-Genie Generated Header Files

        Do let me know if you have further question regarding the appnote.

        Best regards,


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          Sorry, this does not help at all.