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Windows does not see the uSD card

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  • Windows does not see the uSD card


    I just got new Kit SK-90DT-PI. It contains LCD module, several adaptors including 4D-UPA, flat cable & uSD 4Gb. But my PC with Windows 7 does not see the card. I tried different uSD-USB adaptors.
    If this card is connected to LCD module, "uSD Tester" of Workshop4 gives message: "No Valid MBR or Partition Table found. Sector Dump... FFFF...".
    Is this normal? How can I use this uSD and format it?

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    Hi Andrey,

    It would help if you can provide us with screenshots to properly diagnose this issue.

    I assume you are able to detect the card reader from Device Manager but let me know otherwise. When you connect the uSD in the PC, did you also check if there is anything detected by Windows' Disk Management tool?

    It is possible that Windows didn't allocate a drive letter to the SD card. To confirm this, you can check the disks management tool of windows and see if it appears there. If it does, this would be an OS problem. This is easily solvable by assigning a drive letter to the SD card manually using Windows' Disk Management tool.

    If it doesn't appear in Window's disk management tool even though all your card readers show up in device manager. Please let me know.

    Juniel Cruz