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  • button wiring

    So my tricorder project is finished .All of the code is written and everything works fine.I have 4 buttons wired using a voltage ladder per the instructions into IO 1 . I have several other components in the project and I am using a 5v power source.I have an arduino nano and a dfplayer also connected to the same power output. Somehow when I connected everything I messed up the wiring.I have 5v going to pin 1 on the screen and gnd to pin 7 and the input from the voltage ladder going to pin6 (IO1). I also for some reason put a second 5v input on to pin10 (3.3v output) and a second ground to pin8 (gnd). Even though my wiring is incorrect the buttons actually work fine.When I noticed the mistake I disconnected the 5v power in to pin10 and the gnd to pin8 and the buttons stopped working. I know it is confusing.I can post pictures of my set up.I cant figure out why it worked when I had the worng connections and when I wired it correctly it no longer works.I have a video clip of it all working, but it is a large file (175mb).Can I upload this file on the forum or would I have to put it on another site and post a link?
    Here is a link to the setup

    Here is a demo of it working-with the incorrect wiring !


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    So I fixed it.Now the 3.3v output from the OLED screen powers the buttons and everything works fine