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  • Melted diffuser

    I had a customer who had a IOD-09 with an uneven backlight, and thought they bumped it and damaged it, so I had them return it to investigate.
    Physically no signs of abuse, but I opened it up to find the diffuser melted:
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    I haven't seen others with this issue yet (and I have three sitting on my car dashboard), so not sure if this is a one off or I'm lucky.
    I'm curious if 4D can provide the temperature ratings of this material, and maybe somewhere I can find a sheet in case I suddenly need to be cutting a couple replacements.
    The display and module are otherwise functioning perfectly.
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    The temperature range for the IoD-09 is -10 to 60 degrees centigrade.

    Is it possible that when installed in the cars facia that it can exceed this temperature.

    The ESP8266 IC can generate some heat when the Wifi radio is enabled. If you don't use Wifi in your setup, it can be turned off completely by using this command,


    I will make some enquiries as to the material used and update you as soon as possible. The temperature range for the IoD-09 can be found on page 19 of this datasheet.

    Best regards



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      Yes, I'm aware of the unit's range and heat generated by use (certainly the backlight LED adds some as well...again sure wish it could be turned off in future revs). I'm just curious about details of the diffuser as it appears to be the weakest link, and I'm trying to determine if I will expect this much more often and need to start looking for a different display


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        I am going to bump this topic as I now have more displays with a failing melted backlight.
        The material is not the diffuser but the LED Light Guide Plate, which is really like a gel but no doubt more like a lenticular light conductor.
        It would save me significant labor and cost if I could get a sheet of this stuff and cut and replace it in the displays, so that's why I'm asking if anyone has any idea where to get it.
        Or perhaps you can tell me the manufacturer of the display itself and I can contact them.


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          Sorry for the delayed response on this.
          It would be best for you to raise a ticket from our website about this, and we can discuss options there.
          However we have not had any reports of this from anyone else, so not 100% sure what is going on right at this moment.

          What I can say though is that material is not able to be supplied to replace yourself, but please raise a ticket and reference this post, and we can discuss options and more details there.