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uLCD-43DT - custom font trouble even with addFonts AN demo

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  • uLCD-43DT - custom font trouble even with addFonts AN demo

    Hi team,

    I try to implement custom font with txt_FontID(handle) function. And I have some trouble.

    I followed the '4D-AN-00080_R_1_1.pdf' application note.
    I ran the example 'AddFonts' provided without modifications. But on the screen, the font dont change and is already the default font( ie attached screen shot ). The font and text files are written on the SD Card by workshop, and the drive is cleanly unmounted.
    Notice that the example is made for 'uLCD-32PTU' and workshop ask me to change automaticaly the screen .

    Does uLCD-43DT support custom font ?
    Any other idea ?

    Notes :
    screen : uLCD-43DT
    workshop version :

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    Good day!

    There shouldn't be any problem using a uLCD-43DT with any custom fonts.

    The most common issue would be that the filenames copied in uSD by Workshop doesn't match the filenames specified by the code.

    Can you check the contents of your uSD card and the filenames specified in the code matches properly? You can sends screenshots here are well.

    Best Regards,
    Juniel Cruz


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      Hi Juniel,

      You are right.
      The filenames used in are 'AddFonts.da1' and 'AddFonts.gc1', but the compiled filenames for fonts stored on the uSD card are 'AddFonts.d01' and 'AddFonts.g01'.

      After applying filenames correctly, it works. I missed this detail.
      Jobs done.

      Thanks a lot, and take care of yourself.


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        I'm glad it worked fine. I'll close this forum thread now.

        If you have any other inquiries, please don't hesitate to start a new topic.

        Best Regards,
        Juniel Cruz