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Multiple screens connected to a Mega

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  • James_4DSystems
    Hello RobC,

    Yes you can do that on a Mega which has multiple serial ports. If you use our genieArduino library, there is a demo included which illustrates how to connect multiple displays to a single Mega, and the code required to separate the 2.

    Here is the library, which you can install directly from the Arduino IDE Library Manager,
    Just search for 'genieArduino' in the library manager.

    Then in the examples is a demo, which you can also see here:
    and the Workshop4 demo we have is in the extras folder:

    I hope this is helpful


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  • RobC
    started a topic Multiple screens connected to a Mega

    Multiple screens connected to a Mega

    Is there a way to connect multiple, lets say 5 screens, to an Arduino Mega.
    If it is possible, then how would I differentiate within the Arduino code which screen I am sending information to/from.

    What am I trying to achieve?
    I am a slot car enthusiast and I am currently building a new track on a table that is 4 x 2 metres in size.
    There are 3 main straights. On the beginning and end of each straight I will be installing slotted opto couplers that will sense the car has passed.

    At the end of each straight I want an LCD screen that shows the current time taken to go down the straight and the speed, along with other things such as fastest recorded time/speed etc.
    I could just buy a small Arduino with a serial interface and connect an LCD screen to the Arduino and mount this stand alone at the end of each straight.
    However if I want to do some programming changes I need to pull everything out, do the changes and put it back. Yes I can do that but it's not as good as having everything networked back to a central location where I could programe the various Arduinos and LCD screens from a single point,

    One of my ideas is to buy an Arduino Mega and connect the LCD screens to the Mega, either via the serial ports available or some other method that I am not aware of, hence my query.