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Support for Pixxi modules

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  • James_4DSystems
    Hi Chuck

    Yes, the new Workshop4 release will be out in the next few days, its just going through the last internal checks.
    Taken a little longer than we had hoped, but we are almost ready to release.

    Yes pixxi works with ViSi-Genie, you shouldn't need to change anything unless you have used GPIO etc from a Diablo and moving to Pixxi for example, but the Genie protocol is all still the same. Yes Pro supports the Pixxi modules too, smart widgets etc.

    If using Arduino, you still use the genieArduino library, which has recently been updated to support the new widgets etc.

    Workshop4 release coming any day now, fingers crossed. Just update to the new WS4 when its out and you should be set.


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  • CDAVIS2747
    started a topic Support for Pixxi modules

    Support for Pixxi modules

    Does Workshop pro support the new pixxi modules? If so, will they be supported with VisiGenie? Do I need to upgrade my software for this support?