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Best approach to create a terminal window

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  • Best approach to create a terminal window

    While waiting for my hardware to arrive, I've been playing with a ViSi-Genie project. I plan to have a few buttons and a window that I send text to, like a terminal window. It looked like my best option is a strings object in book mode, but the 3 lines of text overwrite each other. Doesn't matter what font size I select. Will the real hardware behave the same way? What can I do to fix this? Click image for larger version

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    On the actual display the string newline will work correctly. Just to confirm are you only using one string object?
    You can also learn more about the string object in ViSi-Genie from our application note

    I hope this helps,
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      Was your example above just a single String Object in Book mode, and you have 3 lines?
      We have tested this here and ours do no overlap at all like your image shows. This is only a single String object, correct?
      Can you maybe attach your project (zipped) so we can have a closer look as to how you are getting what you are seeing in your picture?