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    I have seen other posts where this question has been asked, but I will ask again...
    Is there a reason that there is not a dedicated document that details all of the functions in the Visi Genie Library? (or the serial libraries for that matter - not the serial references)

    Yes, there are numerous Application Notes that cover different parts of the library, but no one document that covers all of the library functions.
    Application Note 18 is the closest document to covers this, with examples, but it definitely does not cover all of the available functions in the library.

    I have to say, as a person trying to get up to speed with the 4D screens, it is quite frustrating not being able to find A to Z solutions or specific information in the Application Notes.
    Having to trawl through multiple Application Notes in the hope of finding what you are looking for is not ideal, that's for sure.

    As a user with only basic programming skills, finding documentation on how to interface an Arduino to a 4D Diablo screen has been much more difficult than it should be, given how scattered the available information is in the Application Notes.

    Is there any chance that a single document can be produced that covers all of the functions in the Visi Genie Library?
    I am very sure that I am not the only person that would benefit from such a document. (the same goes for the serial libraries)

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    We have just pushed a new release of the genieArduino library, and the file now contains full documentation for the library.

    You can see it directly here:

    The release will appear in the Arduino IDE Library manager within the hour, or you can get it directly from Github.

    I hope this helps, and thank you for raising the issue - it has been something we have wanted to do for a long time but its just never happened.

    Serial Libraries are also on the cards, but a much bigger task. There are references to the serial library calls in the Serial Commands Reference Manuals, but really only the function name, not detail of all the parameters etc. That you would currently need to open the library and examine the .h file to see how they work. Its on the list to document though.



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      That is exactly what I was looking for James.
      I am pretty sure that many other people will also benefit from this document .

      I look forward to when a similar document is available for the serial libraries, specifically for the Diablo screen, which is what I am currently using.