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Serial Libraries for Goldelox - Our Github Repositories

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  • Serial Libraries for Goldelox - Our Github Repositories

    Hello All,

    Serial is the name given to our Environment in Workshop4, which transforms your 4D Display Module into a Serial Slave - so the Host you have connected to it over a Serial UART can control every aspect of the display, without requiring you to program the display itself. The Serial Environment is often referred to as 'SPE', which stands for Serial Platform Environment. SPE is loaded on to 4D Display modules at our factory, so is the default state they ship in. SPE can be reloaded using the Workshop4 IDE if another Environment has been used which would overwrite SPE.

    We have put together a few Libraries which we hope will aid your development.

    We cannot write a Library for every single microcontroller/controller platform on the Market, so we have created a 'C' library which we hope will get you 95% there, along with a 'Linux' library which may help for more Linux/Unix based platforms.

    Goldelox Serial C Library:

    Goldelox Serial Arduino Library:

    Goldelox Serial Linux Library:

    Goldelox Serial PixAxe Library:

    Goldelox Serial Pascal Library:

    More Information, Documentation and Downloads are available on the Workshop4 Product Page, on the 4D Systems Website: