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Display substrate and Power Usage

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  • Display substrate and Power Usage

    In read somewhere here that your capacitive displays can be used under (upto) 3mm polycarbonate. I need an IP / hard wearing solution - can your cap displays be used successfully under 3mm toughen glass?

    I am looking at your 7" + size of displays what energy saving features do you have built in eg can the display be turned off and the processor go to sleep and have a wakeup event by someone touch the screen? Also, related to the previous point will you be introducing an OLED display of this sort of size


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    Good day,

    The capacitive touch screen can be used with additional protective layer (screen protectors, acrylic panel, etc.) and touch will still work. Our display modules has a plethora of power saving features like backlight dimming, processor sleep and deep sleep available. We currently only have smaller OLED displays, but you can contact our Sales team if you need a fully customized solution.

    Best Regards,