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GEN4-43D Accepting Digital Input

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  • GEN4-43D Accepting Digital Input


    I know there is serial input adaptor for the display just wondering if the display can accept digital input as well so that on detection of the digital pulse the screen will display a specific form for the duration of the digital pulse being sent from a peripheral device.

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    Yes there are plenty of GPIO on the gen4-uLCD-43D module as part of the 30 way connectors pinout, you just need to code your display to act accordingly when you connect a signal.
    Please refer to the Diablo16 Internal Function Manual for information on GPIO, as well as the gen4-uLCD-43 Display Datasheet itself, which covers many aspects of this also



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      That’s great, thanks my tracking device is able to alert me when the car exceed a speed limit and it sends a digital output which I will be able to connect to that display to trigger changing the the speed alarm form

      just a quick thought if I was able to attach a wifi module to my tracking device and have the wifi board connected to the display would I be able to have the display receive the serial and digital outputs from the tracker via wifi to the display hence eliminating the physical wiring otherwise needed to connect to the serial and digital output wire to the display itself ???


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        Bluetooth might be easier, but yeah - I don't see why that couldn't be possible to do if coded appropriately. Still needs power wires though obviously.

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      Yes I considered Bluetooth but evidently Bluetooth want handle other data transfer such as images or video reliably and if I add a camera to make the product a dash cam and accident cam as my tracker can detect different t accelerate and braking it can send commands to start recording or taking pics relating to possibly accident