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String Limit in Workshop4

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  • String Limit in Workshop4

    I've building a project for a few weeks now and everything working as expected. Today I added 10 more strings, but they don't display on the hardware. String0 - String15 are shown, but none of the new ones. Is 16 the limit on strings? If so I assume the Pro version would not have this limit?

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    Good day,

    You should be able to put a lot more than that, (you'll only be limited by genie object indexing 0 - FF when addressed by a host), I have a quick test with up to 44 strings so far. Can you post your project here so that we can see the issue, or email it to me at [email protected]

    Best Regards,


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      I have emailed the project to you. Thanks!


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        Thank you, I've received the mail already. I'll check on it now.


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          It appears to be working now after I performed an "Update Banks and Run" command. I guess I don't understand when this command needs to be performed as we develop a project. Would it be after any new elements are added to the display? I'm currently running from uSD.


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            Update Banks and Run should only need to be run once, as from that point on the display will accept program updates via the uSD card. If the project destination is set to uSD card, then when you compile and load the project in Workshop, it will copy the project to the uSD Card without the display being sent anything over the programming cable. You then put the uSD card from the PC into the Display module with the new updated project on it, and power up the display, it will then copy the uSD card project into Flashbank of Diablo, and then execute it.
            Every change you make going forward you just do the same, remove the uSD card from the display, put it in the computer, compile and load it to the card, put it back in the display, and power the display on.

            What process have you been doing?


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              That is the process I've been doing. Now at one point something glitch or changed somehow. I notice one of the gauges was back to default colors and was always 100%. Under project I noticed that the setting had changed to either run flash or run ram. I changed it back to uSD, but the gauge was still 100% and could not be change via arduino code. So I deleted that gauge and cut/pasted a copy. Now it showed the correct output but was responding as gauge3 instead of 0. All the gauges had changed addresses. Moving on I handled that change with code and moved on till the new strings would not display.

              Now after after the Update Banks and Run, All the string are displaying correctly and the gauges are responding to the correct address. Some kind of project glitch?

              As a side thought is it possible to corrupt the displays flash while trying to install the uSD card? I really fumble with that socket, even knocked the metal cage off a few times. Should I be removing power before removing/inserting the uSD?


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                If you had changed the project back to Flash from uSD destination at one point, that would be overwritten the Update Banks and Run, stopping that from working. So then if you changed it back to uSD and updated the card and put it in the display, it would have had no effect, as it will still be executing the Flash destination code, but the graphics might have changed on the uSD card from updating that, so you could very well get odd results.

                By reloading Update Banks and Run, that would have put the stub program back into Flash so it knows how to use the uSD card as destination, and then it would have loaded your updated project off the card and all would have been right again.

                Ideally you should remove the power when changing the card yes, also the program is only updated on power up. Best to just power off when changing the card.


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                  Got it, thanks for the advice!!