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Learning Serial Comms with Diablo16: ERROR setting up environment

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  • Learning Serial Comms with Diablo16: ERROR setting up environment

    Hi am am working with the app notes for Serial Communication with my Diablo16 and am getting errors in setup which is clearly not a good start

    i am using the programming UPA to connect the pc to the display.

    My ultimate task being able to send messages in Diable16 format directly to the display via serial comms which eill be using the rs-232 adaptor

    All pearls of wisdom are welcome as always

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    Hi Claude

    I notice you are using the Serial SPE environment in the above image. Can you please check the serial port settings in File, Options, then the Serial tab.

    If you want to try this with the Serial SPE environment and the MOTG-RS232 you will need to change the com port to com1 using pins PA2 and PA3

    When using the MOTG-RS232, it attaches to the display on a different set of pins other than display RX, TX

    The MOTG-RS232 use pins PA2 & PA3 and due to this it has to be setup on a different com port eg COM1. If you want to use Visi then you would use these commands.


    You can find more information on page 286 of the Diablo Internal functions manual.

    And then you can use

    com1_Init(buffer, bufsize, qualifier);

    To send from this port you would use


    To recieve on this port

    data := serin1();

    If Using Visi-Genie then you would need to change coms to COM1 also if you want to control genie over the RS232. You can do this in the Project tab of Visi-Genie

    Best regards