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New Gen4-4Dcape-43CT-CLB - bad image (flickery, stripey, ghosty)

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  • New Gen4-4Dcape-43CT-CLB - bad image (flickery, stripey, ghosty)


    I got a brand new Gen4-4Dcape-43CT-CLB cape + display, running on a BBB with freshly downloaded Debian 10.3 (console and GUI versions).

    The display works but the images are flickery and showing something that looks like ghosting and striping. Hard to describe, please see the attached images (for Debian GUI and console). The touch seems to work perfectly in the GUI version.

    I have tried:
    1. Two different BBBs (wired and wireless).
    2. A spare ribbon cable.
    3. I have reconnected the ribbons several times, pressing on them while the display is running did not make any difference.
    4. The EEPROM ID switch did not make any difference (not that I thought it would).
    5. The older version of Debian give similar images.
    There are no other capes or anything else connected, just BBB, the LCD and a 3A power supply.

    Any ideas? Did I get a bad unit (bought from Element14, Australia)?

    Thanks in advance,
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    Can you check if the display flex is not torn and/or the connector is tightened properly on the board.
    You can also submit a ticket at if that is not the issue.

    Best Regards,


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      Thank you for your reply.
      The flex cable is not damaged, I tried a spare one from a different LCD, with exactly the same outcome. Everything is tight on the board as well. I will submit a ticket.