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Initializing hardware for gen4-FT813-70CTP-CLB

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  • Initializing hardware for gen4-FT813-70CTP-CLB

    Where can I find the display timing parameters for the lcd panel (i.e. data sheet)? I need these parameters to configure the display initialization registers in the FTDI FT813.

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    From the example that's referenced in the Getting Started Manual, I found these settings in gpu.h. I have the gen4-FT813 display running off the EVE Screen Editor v3.3 through an VA800A-SPI module. I created a custom device using these settings in the EVE Screen Editor. Able to connect to the display and boot up ok, but can't get anything to display. Any suggestions from this community would be appreciated. @4D please the post data sheet for the lcd used on gen4-FT813-70CTP, ty.

    #elif defined(DISPLAY_RESOLUTION_WVGA)
    /* Values specific to QVGA LCD display */
    #define DispWidth 800L
    #define DispHeight 480L
    #define DispHCycle 928L
    #define DispHOffset 88L
    #define DispHSync0 0L
    #define DispHSync1 48L
    #define DispVCycle 525L
    #define DispVOffset 32L
    #define DispVSync0 0L
    #define DispVSync1 3L
    #define DispPCLK 2
    #define DispSwizzle 0
    #define DispPCLKPol 1
    #define DispCSpread 0
    #define DispDither 1


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      Hi helloworld,

      Sorry about this information being missing from the Datasheet. This will be rectified next week and the FT81x datasheet will be updated with the relevant timing information.

      For the time being, here is the display datasheet for the 70CTP display used in that module, hopefully this has what you are looking for. Please let me know if it does not.

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        Hi, I sometimes see glitches and artefacts on the screen. This looks like incorrect disp synchronazation parameters. I tryed to set it according the datasheet you posted, but the values in the DS do not look 100% valid. What is the your tested configuration?
        Regads, Jeronym


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          Hi Jero

          Because we didn't write the software, the test setup we used is the same as is in the Getting Started Manual, with the demo provided on the 4D Systems website product page for this product. The demo came from FTDI. The default FTDI parameters seemed to work, and it just required a pinout change to direct the pins from the gen4-FT81x module to the right pins on the Arduino that was used to test.

          I hope that helps.