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Command line LoadProgram and PMMCLOADER

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  • Command line LoadProgram and PMMCLOADER

    To manufacture our own display boards with a PICASO chip we need to write a PMMC and a 4XE into the PICASO.

    Start /w PMMCLOADER.EXE file.pmmc 1

    Start /w LoadProgram.exe file.4xe 1

    This works fine, until no error occurs. In case of an error a popup message or the GUI is shown. Is there a way, only get a return code ( errorcode ) at the command line, if an error occurs?

    Any ideas what I can do?

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    It does return an error on the command line... Check %errorlevel%


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      thank you for your reply.
      I know, the status is in the %errorlevel%. But if an error occurs, the GUI of the program comes up. This is not what I want to have in an automatic programming environment.

      Best regards


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        Right, can you show me the error message that pops up, the test I did didn't display a popup, so it must be some 'other' case.


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          For example, if the display is not connected to the com port:

          PMMCLOADER: %errorlevel% == -2

          Click image for larger version

Name:	pmmc_error.jpg
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          Loadprogram: %errorlevel% == 0

          Click image for larger version

Name:	loadprogram_error.jpg
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          Best Regards


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            There's a big issue with passing command line arguments to windows programs as there's an unwritten 'Do you want some GUI responses or not?' Since it's impossible for a Windows program to write to the command line (by not thinking during design IMO), if you really want a full command line response it's better to use a command line program. So, I think, in your case you'd be better off using ScriptC, which I believe you are aware of.