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From PIC to VISI Genie and 32DT

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    ok i found something but not sure if that will do the job.

    based on the PBP3 manual written in 2013:

    "A numeric value preceded by a pound sign ( # ) will send the ASCII representation of its decimal value, up to 65535. For example, if W0 = 123, then #W0 (or #123) will send "1", "2", "3"."

    In PBP3 when we quote something is like an ASCII representation and "1" is not a number but ASCII character.


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      may i have some help please in order to use the command to specify exactly the x,y the font,color and the var?

      I will do my own calculation and code for the var to string. As PBP3 could do that by using in front of the var the"#" sign.

      But i need an example for my case to send the result on specific x,y and with specific font and color.

      Looking forward to your kind reply. Hope i do not waste your time.

      In the area marked with black there is a VAR result which i add in "paint" manually for demonstration.

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        Unfortunately, this is something you can't do in Genie. Because you control objects in Genie, it isn't possible to use commands like you can in Serial SPE so x, y and font are not accepted by the Genie protocol.

        I working through PBP3 now and how to use it so hopefully we might find a solution to send the Genie message with checksum.

        Best regards

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          Hi Paul,

          really appreciate your help and time. Looking forward to hear back from you. Please take your time as i understand you have lots of things to handle.


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            Paul, did you have sometime to check it out?

            There is no rush to the project. I just have about 5 of thsese displays and i'm about to get 5 more of the 43DT. It will be nice to use them with Visi Genie and external pic with PBP3.


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              Thanks for your patience with this. I haven't been able to devote a lot of time with getting used to PBP3 but I am sure I will get to grips with it shortly,

              I was thinking about this last week and there may be another way to do this without relying on the Strings Object and it would be a quick and easy solution for me and the Serial transmission needed will be simpler as it involves no strings, just a standard 6 byte message and possibly an easier way to calculate the chksum.

              Would it be possible to send me your project so I can apply the method and you can then try it out.

              Best regards



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                Hi Paul,

                thanks a lot once again for your kind help. It is really nice if you could find a solution.

                I have attached a .rar file.

                Includes the following folders.....

                Click image for larger version  Name:	include folders.png Views:	1 Size:	2.5 KB ID:	74095

                The first folder 144 4D Systems LCD humidity test, is only a demonstration using normal serial commands to the 144 4D Systems LCD. Humidity values are displayed. That works just fine. (PBP3 is being used)

                The sencond folder serial test PIC to Visi Genie Contrast test, is a test i made just to see how to use the commands for setting the contrast to 32DT. It works as well. (PBP3 is being used)

                The Visi Genie with PIC and 32DT folder, is the one contains the files are used for displaying the pages.

                rar pass: 4DSystems
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