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gen4-4DCAPE-70CT-CLB restarting

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  • gen4-4DCAPE-70CT-CLB restarting

    Hi guys! I bought the gen4-4DCAPE-70CT-CLB recently. I connected the cape to my BBB. I installed Debian 9.9 2019-08-03 4GB SD LXQT on the BBB recently. U-Boot version is 2019.

    The screen is automatically restarting every 5-10 seconds after the initial boot. Is it a software problem? Which latest image for BBB should I use for it to work?

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    Good day!

    The display only serves as an output device or monitor for the desktop UI. There shouldn't be any issues as long as the BeagleBone developers supports the hardware on their software releases. By the looks of it, the display is supported in the version you are using. However as you mentioned it seems to restart a couple of times.

    The most common reason for this kind of issue is insufficient power supply. Can you tell us how you are powering the display and the BBB?

    Best Regards,
    Juniel Cruz