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PNG Transparency with a background image

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  • PNG Transparency with a background image

    I am getting a WHITE color for PNG transparent layer. But I have an image on which this transparent image is located. But I am getting a white (my background color) instead of the color of the background image. How to address this. I don't have a pro version. Will pro version solves this issue? Is it because workshop can't support alpha-channel? If so what should be the format that I need to upload the .png files.

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    I changed my background color. But still obtain the background of the PNG as white. Please see my PNG file.

    PNG file for up arrow


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      Good day,

      There is no alpha-channel support in Workshop4 or the displays itself. What it does is render using the form background color or image. What you could do is set the form background to image instead of the color white.

      Best Regards,


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        Good day!

        As Jerson mentioned, use an image file as the Form background and the add the PNG file as to a UserImages widget.

        The UserImages widget renders the background as part of the image itself thus making it appear transparent but in reality it is not.

        Juniel Cruz


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          Okay. Thank you for the information. It really do help. After reading your input, I was wondering how do I set the background of the form as an image.

          Then I found the this thread, which seems helpful. Relevant portions are quoted below:

          To address this, set your layout background as the image of the form instead of placing it in an image widget. Follow these steps to do so:
          1. Select the Form object
          2. Change BGtype Color to Image
          3. Place your layout (background) image in the Image Tab
          Then paste the code into the editor.

          Once again, thank you for the information.