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"Mounting..." error message while screen keeps flashing. Visi-Genie + Arduino Uno

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  • "Mounting..." error message while screen keeps flashing. Visi-Genie + Arduino Uno

    Hi, I have been following this guide:
    on connecting my display through an Arduino. At first the screen just kept flashing and then I bought an adaptor (12V, 1.5A) to provide extra power to the screen.

    However, the screen keeps flashing and now shows the message "mounting...".
    I have looked on the forums but could only find this

    The SD Card is definitely inserted properly, compatible (supports SPI interface, FAT16 formatted). I believe this because the SD Card came with the starter kit from 4DSystems but also, it works fine when I connect the 4D display straight to my PC (Followed the getting started manual -, only when I try to connect it through the Arduino does it fail.

    I have tried both the demo project:
    Also my own, but both lead to the same "mounting..." + screen flashing. ( footage of the issue --> )
    I'm not sure what other documentation would be relevant and can't find any other relevant forum posts.

    Please help.

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    Seems you have also raised a Ticket about this, which has been answered.
    Response pasted here:

    It looks to me the display is not being supplied with enough current.
    How you have it connected now, means the display is being powered off the 5V bus from the Arduino. You may have 12V 1.5A powering the Arduino, but the 5V regulator on the Arduino may not be sufficient to power itself and the display.
    If you have a look at the Datasheet for the Arduino Adaptor Shield, you may see in there it talks about how to power the display externally by changing the jumpers. It likely is the Arduino you have just cannot provide enough 5V to power the display, as its flashing up with content and then resetting over and over.