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Fail to read/write SD card on pixxiLCD-25P4CT and pixxiLCD-39P4CT

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  • Fail to read/write SD card on pixxiLCD-25P4CT and pixxiLCD-39P4CT

    I'm trying to read from and write to the SD card of the pixxiLCD-25P4CT but the File mount command returns 0.

    I'm using the SD cards provided with the kit and used the commands listed at pixxi_serialcmdmanual_r_1_1.

    Below are the commands and answers with the Terminal 9600.

    * Get Display Model
    > 00 1A
    < 06 00 0F 70 69 78 78 69 4C 43 44 2D 32 35 50 34 43 54

    * Get SPE Version
    > 00 1B
    < 06 01 06

    * Get PmmC Version
    > 00 1C
    < 06 01 06

    * File mount
    > FF 03
    < 06 00 00

    * File error
    > FF 1F
    < 06 00 00

    Same with Serial Commander.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	image_5008.png Views:	22 Size:	134.4 KB ID:	74044

    Same with pixxiLCD-39P4CT.

    I performed a fresh format of the SD-cards with RMPet, to no avail.

    Thank you for your help!
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    Good day!

    I noticed you also opened a ticket.

    I'll paste here my response:

    Pixxi displays can operate in one of two modes:
    • Flash
    • uSD
    Can you check what PmmC are you using?

    You can do this easily by waiting for the SPE splash screen to show. It should show up as:

    PmmC rev X.YYZ

    where in:
    • X.YY is the version number
    • Z is the mode, f corresponds to Flash-mode while u corresponds to uSD-mode
    As you may have figured out, you need to use the uSD-mode.

    If you need to change PmmC, connect the display to your PC using the programming adaptor included.

    Open PmmCLoader from Workshop4, by doing either:
    • Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\4D Labs\4D Workshop 4 IDE\DEP and open PMMCLOADER.EXE
    • If you have an open WS4 project, go to Tools -> PmmC Loader
    Then follow this procedure:
    1. Set mode to Manual
    2. Select the correct COM port
    3. Set the tool to load only the PmmC (driver doesn't apply to non-Diablo displays)
    4. Select the PmmC file. (You'd like to choose the version with the latest PmmC '-u' in its filename and applies to your target display)
    5. Click on load to start the process
    Note: The PmmC files are located in: C:\Users\Public\Documents\4D Labs\4DUpdates\PmmCs

    After loading the PmmC, you'll need to reprogram SPE to your display.

    Using Workshop4:
    1. Go to File -> New
    2. Select your target display and continue
    3. Select Serial environment
    4. Go to Project tab and under File System select Fat
    5. Go to Comms tab and select the correct COM port
    6. Go to Tools and click SPE Load
    Let me know if this solves the issue.

    Best Regards
    Juniel Cruz