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    I faced some problem when i designing my 4d system display.

    1. i used 2 decimal 4 digit leddigits which can measure value upto 12.00 V . but when 600 mV appeared it shown 6V in leddigits. but when i used 3 decimal 4 digits its working i.e shown 6 V. is that is for leddigit setting problem?

    2. I used leddigits as ammeter but after 1 decimal value it is fluctuating i.e the value of current after 1 decimal change to much. how can i set this as an avarage value so that it get stable.

    3. can i use same winbutton in different form. so if it is ON in one form it also be ON in other form.

    Thanking you,


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    Good day,

    1. The Leddigits can only accept integers and decimal points are in a fixed position when set in the settings. So if you need to show 600mV for the 4 digit with 2 decimal, you should set the value as 60 to show you 00.60 and respectively for the 4 digit with 3 decimal, the value of 600 will show as 0.600.

    2. Most probably the noise will give you fluctuating values when measuring, what you could implement is a smoothing filter on the software side.

    3. If you're using ViSi-genie, then no since each winbutton will be assigned a different name automatically, you will have to update the button on the next form when you change form. It is possible for ViSi and Designer though since you are in complete control of how the display shows the user interface.

    Best Regards,