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µLCD-28PT "Draw “String” of ASCII Text" Command Question

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  • µLCD-28PT "Draw “String” of ASCII Text" Command Question

    I m trying to communicate with the µLCD-28PT, work pretty fine for most commands, but I have struggles with the " String” of ASCII Text" Command.

    For example I want to display a White A in column 1 row 1:

    char sendString[10] = {0x73, 0x01, 0x01, 0x01, 0xFF, 0xFF, 'A', 0x00};
    isSent = uartTransmit(sendString);
    It doesn't seem to work tho, what would be a profession approach to display strings?

    I experienced that hex values work the best, but they are difficult to read any tips for that?

    Last but not least if I want to display something in row 0 I would write as row: 0x00 which is a terminator, therefore my command is already broken by the UART transmit in two parts.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Hello and good day,

    I see you are using the uLCD-28PT, can I suggest you try updating your PmmC to the latest version, and then try using the Serial Commander in Workshop4. I think that this would be a much better and up-to-date environment for you to use.

    For instructions on how to update your PmmC, look here.

    Once you have updated the PmmC, create a new project in the Serial Environment, go to Tools -> SPE Load, then Open the Serial Commander. Here is the Picaso Serial Commands Reference Manual to get you started.

    Hopefully this should be much easier to work with,