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  • Pixxi and Video

    OK, maybe I'm the odd person out here, but I'm feeling *really* out in the wld with regard to the Pixxi screens. Sample code doesn't compile, samples are written for the wrong platform, totally surprised to find the lack of an SD card slot on the back of the PIXXILCD-13P2-CLB (yeah that one was my fault), and on and on. Seems like these modules were just sort of launched into the wild and really need more support and especially code samples.

    That said, I have two questions. I am working with the PIXXILCD-13P2-CLB:
    1. How can I add more flash to this thing? Need it to play videos longer than 1 millisecond. 😂
    2. Even when I have a video clip small enough to fit into the 16MB flash, I still can't get anything to play. Here's my code:
    #platform "pixxiLCD-13P2CT-CLB"
    // Program Skeleton 1.5 generated 11/11/2020 2:31:41 PM
    #MODE RUNFLASH // uncomment and set Destination to Flash to run from Flash, refer 4D-AN-00055
    #inherit "4DGL_16bitColours.fnc"
    #inherit ""
    #inherit "Circular Pixxi Single Video"
    var frame;
    func main()
    putstr("Flash Memory Initialized");
    hndl := file_LoadImageControl("Circular.dat", "Circular.gci", 1);
    frame := 0;
    while(frame < 237)
    img_SetWord(hndl, iVideo1, IMAGE_INDEX, frame) ;
    img_Show(hndl,iVideo1) ;
    Help please! 😋

    These are REALLY nice modules-- I have so many uses for them, especially with the round form factor. Just need to be able to see some movement on the IPS screen.....

    Thank you!


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    Hi Rob,

    The Flash is big enough to hold a full screen video of approx 138 frames and obviously a bit more if the videos are not full screen

    When using the external flash the LoadImageControl is a little different.

    hndl := file_LoadImageControl(0, 0, 3);

    This will load hndl with the external flash file system and then your Video should play as expected.

    I hope this helps

    Best regards



    • pauleilio
      pauleilio commented
      Editing a comment
      The 16mb external flash is mainly for GUI's that utilize our new Internal/ Inherent widgets or some GCI based widgets. We also have a 32mb version which you may find better if you need the video capability. Please contact our sales department for more information. Alternatively, if you need to play a lot more videos, our gen4 displays may be more suitable

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    Hi Paul, thanks for the reply. Thanks also for the correction on the LoadImageControl command. A bit counter-intuitive, since I'm always looking for filenames to pass as arguments. The video is working now.

    RE: the gen4 displays, yes I use quite a few of those-- have purchased several hundred over the years for our business.

    For this round Pixxi display though, has there been any thought given to providing the ability to connect an external SD card? It looks like the Pixxi chip itself supports this. Unofficially, if I were to solder an SD card to the Flash chip pins, would the Pixxi chip be able to access multiple GB of flash, or are there any limitations there? I know this voids the warranty, and you may not be able to comment, but I'd be curious.

    Thank you.



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      Thought you might all enjoy seeing what I was able to whip together using a basic touch routine. Oh if only there was more storage space!!!!! I got 150 frames in I think.


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        Hi Rob,

        That looks great!!

        The hardware mod that you mentioned with the SD card is correct, however, the PmmC on the display only supports external flash so it wouldn't work.

        The new internal / inherent widgets were designed to work within external flash space for this type of result,

        But I can see how it differs to your need

        Best regards



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          Thanks Paul.