Hi, I have here two very first uCAM II modules. For an new project we use exclusively:
80x60 resolution, 8-bit Gray Scale (RAW, 8-bit for Y only), Preview (RAW) Picture (Video-mode).

Here (POST #6) https://forum.4dsystems.com.au/node/...8215#post48215 you say, that
RAW pictures are always decompressed jpegs, what is surprising because of the expectable loss.
In the Data Sheet you write: "Built-in down sampling, clamping and windowing circuits for
VGA, QVGA, 160x120 or 80x60 image resolutions."

So my question is: what is one Pixel in the 80x60 image. Is it an average of every 8x8 block
of the original sensor-image or is it subsampled. Can we therefore assume to get information
until the edge of the sensor or are the 80x60 pixel a cutaway from the inner center-window
of the sensor?

Does your answer apply to the uCAM III too?