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4XE file renamed when transfered to µSD

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  • 4XE file renamed when transfered to µSD

    Hello All,
    I tried the example of the application note "Visi run child pgm-4D-AN-00245":
    1) I have compiled the Mother program with Flash destination.
    2) I have compiled the Child program with µSD destination
    It works but, in the Mother program, I had to modify the line "file_Run("CHILD.4XE", 0) ;" to "file_Run("RUNBANK1.4XE", 0);" as when the Child program is
    transfered to the µSD, it is renamed to "RUNBANK1.4XE.

    I don't really understand why this happens.
    As I plan to have severall child programs in the µSD, and I don't want to remove the µSD to put in in the PC & replace it in the display, it seems I have to write a small
    piece of code to rename the files in the SD ?

    Appreciate your help for any explanation and, maybe, a better solution.

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    Hello there,

    I have run the App Note program from the ZIP file located on the App Note page, however I did not run into the same issue as you.

    I think the best method of having child programs is to manually place the child program on to the uSD card through Windows File Explorer, that way the filename does not change and you can call file_Run("Child.4XE").

    So, if you drag all child files (Child.4XE, Child.gci, Child.dat) onto the uSD card beforehand, load the mother program regularly through Workshop4, the program will work fine.

    This is mentioned on page 7 of the App Note, under the 'Build and Copy the Child Program Files' header.

    Let me know if this works,


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      Thanks for your answer. Obviously, if you place the µSD in the PC and use Windows file explorer, it works. However, for me it is not an option as, during the development or modification of the child programs, this method will need to remove the µSD from the display, put it inside the PC and replace it in the display a lot of times.
      From your answer, I understand there is no way to avoid the rename of the 4XE file (the gci and dat files are not renamed).
      Maybe, we could add this issue to the todo list of the next Workshop Visi software release.
      Best regards


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        I think there is a bit of a misunderstanding going on.the 'renaming' and copying only occurs when you specify a destination of uSD, this implies you will be using 'update banks and run', or similar.

        If you are writing programs for using as child programs, simply have a destination or ram or flash, build them, then copy them manually to uSD, or create a script. You can create a filetransfer script to transfer all the files, without a rename, if you like.