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  • Documentation is Unclear

    I'm disappointed with this solution, and honestly, this product (GEN4-IOD-024). The documentation is unclear and it seems like I have to keep ordering new bits to make this work the way it is described on the product page. Can anybody confirm which breakout board can be used for the 10-pin cable? I've seen a number of them with different pin pitches and sizes and want to be sure I order the right one. My 4D cable is not like the one shown in the images -- it is about 3/8" wide. Thanks!

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    Welcome to the forum.

    I am sorry to hear that you find the Gen4-IoD-24 not as you expected. The IoD devices are a self contained Wifi solution and as such a Serial interface is only availabe for use via a breakout board as the programmer has the USB to serial IC connected to the RX & TX when in use.

    I found this.

    The 0.5mm is the one that you need.

    I hope this helps

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      This breakout board worked for me. Sorry that my first posts have been grumpy, but I've had a lot of trouble getting started with this display. Now that I have gotten used to it, it's a little easier to use.

      I think for my application, which does not require wifi, I should have gone with a display that was easier to program while still keeping my serial connections in tact. However I want to be sure of something:

      If my programming board is not connected to USB, but rather is powered via the +5V pins of the programming board and is also connected to an Aduino via TX and RX serial comm pins, will the serial comm work? If this works, I could still easily reprogram my display via USB while making sure there is no action on the serial line, and also make sure the USB is not connected any time the serial line is in use. Will that work?

      Currently I have to switch boards every time I reprogram the display and in addition to this being tedious I am sure I will break the flex wire sooner or later.

      Thank you for your help!