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4duino USB port not found in device manager..

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  • 4duino USB port not found in device manager..

    Hi. I am using 4duino.
    Using a library called CustomSoftwareSerial in 4duino, I uploaded the code to 4duino with Arduino IDE,
    but after uploading, the port is not detected in device manager.
    How do I fix it so that the port can be caught? Please help me.
    (I use SoftwareSerial, but I had to set up Config, so I searched Google and used the CustomSoftSerial library)

    Below is the code I uploaded to 4duino.

    #include <CustomSoftwareSerial.h>
    CustomSoftwareSerial* customSerial; // Declare serial
    void setup() {
     while (!Serial) {
     Serial.write("Hello World");
     customSerial = new CustomSoftwareSerial(10, 11); // rx, tx
     customSerial->begin(115200, CSERIAL_8E1);
     customSerial->write("Test message"); // Write testing data
    void loop() {
    if (customSerial->available())
    if (Serial.available())

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    Good day!

    Have you tried burning the 4Duino bootloader? Usually, this can fix the issue you are having with not detecting the port.

    I am not quite familiar with CustomSoftwareSerial. Can you tell me more details regarding why you need to use this? I am not particularly sure I understand what you previously stated.

    Best Regards
    Juniel Cruz


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      Hi. Good day!

      Now finding the 4duino port solved it.

      4duino tried to perform serial communication using SoftwareSerial,

      but parity setting to even is not supported.

      So, while looking for a way, CustomSoftwareSerial said it could set the parity and used it.

      Now I waited for the current port to pop up for a while

      and uploaded another code and I was able to find the port.

      Thanks for trying to help.


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        You're welcome.

        I'm glad you've worked it out on your own.

        I'm not sure exactly how it solved you issue but I am glad it did.

        If you any other questions, you can contact us again by creating a new forum post or from our support page.

        Best Regards
        Juniel Cruz