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Display Thermal Camera Data to 160G2

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  • Display Thermal Camera Data to 160G2

    sir, can someone help me writing a code for arduino to display thermal camera data from amg 8833 thremal sensor to 4d systems 160g2 display via arduino uno ..plz

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    Good day!

    You seem to have an interesting project.

    I would suggest using SPE to draw the data from the thermal camera.

    I'm currently looking into your project for more details and ideas.

    Best Regards


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      good year sep ,

      can you help me in getting a code that addresses the following statement

      To display AMG8833 thermal 8x8 thermal sensor data to 4d 160-g2 display through arduino

      i have linked some relevent solutions but using other displays which are cheap and of bad resolution.

      so i want to see those thermal data on yours 4d systems oled displays.

      plz help


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        pauleilio sir, can you plz help me with the above problem. im week in coding so.


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          Hello There,

          Have you begun this project? If you don't mind would you be able to send what you have via .ino file attachment.

          If you have not yet started, You can first connect your camera to the Arduino using the method outlined in the tutorials on the product page. As for communication between the Arduino and 4D Display, I would recommend using the Goldelox-Arduino-Serial Library. Program your Arduino to read the pixel information sent from the camera (also outlined on the product page), then use the draw filled rectangle function or blit com to display the pixels on the screen. You should know that since the camera is 8x8, no matter what you will not get a high quality reading.

          Let me know if you need more information,