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Is the WYSIWYG screen an emulator?

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  • Is the WYSIWYG screen an emulator?


    I've been tasked with evaluating 4D systems for upcoming HMI projects.

    I've downloaded Workshop 4 and working from within Visi-Genie, and am following some examples before purchasing the hardware itself.

    I was expecting the WYSIWYG screen be able to emulate the simple event logic I'm testing, and I've noticed it's unresponsive.

    Is the WYSIWYG screen a sort of emulator that I haven't configured correctly? Or is it just used to place graphical elements and I must test the event behavior on the physical hardware?

    Thanks in advanced for your help!


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    Hi Nick,

    Glad to hear you are looking into out products for your upcoming project.

    The WYSIWYG screen is for organising the layout of your display to fit your UI design. It exists for users to quickly change the size, position, and design of widgets without having to worry about getting each pixel coordinate position or colour value through repetitive testing.

    So I can confirm to you that the WYSIWYG element of the IDE is unresponsive and not meant to be an emulator of the 4D Display. The logic and code is executed using custom firmware and hardware present on the device, so you are correct in believing it is best to test event behaviour on the physical hardware.

    If you would like a test of any sample event program you have made, you can just send it to me and I can reply with a photo or video of the results. To send a program, just attach the zipped project in your reply (File -> Zip Project in Workshop4).



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      Hey Adem, thanks for the quick reply.

      Thanks for confirming my suspicion!

      We went ahead and ordered a screen to test.

      Thanks again!