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Moving variables among flashbanks uLCD-70DT

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  • Moving variables among flashbanks uLCD-70DT


    This is my first post in this forum!

    I have the following problem, I am using the uLCD-70DT display and the Flashbank 0 is completely full.

    To my understanding, the FB0 is like a view layer used to load images, fonts, etc, so all the functions that need to render images must be in FB0. Is this correct?

    I am also using the FB1 to execute some functions that could not fit in FB0 and both flashbanks communicate sending an array with the variables I want to pass and use in the other flashbank.
    Filling the array I need to pass is consuming lots of memory. Is there a different way or neater way to do so?

    Thank you in advance!

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    Flashbank 0 is the flashbank that gets control on powerup/reset.

    When you create your variables that is the order they are created in RAM, so if you pass the address of the first variable required in FB1 to FB1, then the other variables will also be accessible.

    So there is no need to fill any array, the variables can be passed 'directly'.

    You can render images from any flashbank, you just need the handle to them.


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      I am very new to this as it is an inherited project. I apologize in advance if my questions are too uneducated.

      I have many variables in FB0 that I need to pass to FB1, what I do is I fill this array with the needed variables and then pass them to the FB1 but this consumes lots of code lines. How can I pass these variables directly? How do I inherit these variables created in the FB0?

      Plus, how can I create the handle in FB1? I tried and it seems to not be working.

      Thank you in advance,



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        Have a look at FlashExec and FlashCalled in the Diablo Designer examples included in Workshop.

        One you understand, how it works try placing more information into the 'l' variable and accessing it in the called function. You don't need to change any of the parameters. You can use one of the elements as a handle in both the calling and called programs.