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Bug in SPE V1.0

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  • Bug in SPE V1.0

    I guess this should have it's own forum, but it doesn't so I'm putting this one here.

    The Serial Platform Emulator (SPE) uses the following code in two places ('I' and '@C' commands):-

    m := width * height; // get total of words to save

    Since integers are signed 16 bit numbers this fails when the the images are greater than 32,767 pixels

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    And a few more things:-

    The Splash Screen never appears, apparently because the Timers are not ticking over. Timer0 is always -162, sys_T is always -160

    The @I command, in my manual at least, has 6 parameters, in the code it only has 3. It also does not appear to work, sometimes random garbage appears on the screen, sometimes nothing.

    The Y command appears to be a total work in progress. (I'm sure there's a lot more 'work in progress' besides, could they at least be commented as such)

    The maximum speed I seem to be able to communicate at is 115200 baud, anthing faster does not appear to work. However, this may be an error in my code.


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      Further to the 'timers are not ticking over'.

      The sample program testOrbit2 also demonstares the timers as not ticking over, it loops forever at 'while(sys_T() != t);'

      Actually testOrbit2 also crashes ('powers off') when 'mem_Heap()' is executed.


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        Scratch the 'timers are not ticking over' problem (and hence the 'splash screen')

        In using ByteSwap and PmmC 1.04 lots of things get stuffed up. Using the ByteSwap in the SPE code fixes this