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  • Gen4-IoD-32T Flash Info

    I want to get Gen4-IoD-32T Flash Info, my board with AT25SF041 IC. I tried ESP8266 FS.h functions and got weird information as the picture shows.
    Did I make anything wrong?

    And I tried ESP.getFlashRealSize function and get Flash real size as "2 bytes" is that correct?

    But when I tried ESP8266 Sketch Data Upload Plug-In, I successfully upload files that are bigger than 2 bytes into flash.

    That information seems to conflict with each other and confusing, how to explain it?
    I just want to know how many flash size I can use.
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    For the AT25SF041 IC ESP.getFlashRealSize returns 2 bytes, it's really 512KB, the library, or really the core just isn't clever enough to work it out properly for that particular chip

    If you refer to the chip's datasheet you can see the in table 11.2 byte 3 is always 01

    Arduino uses this as the Jedec capacity byte, but for some reason adestotech decided not to conform to the standard. There are quite a few manufacturers that do this, no idea why.