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SK-70DT-AR display with Arduino Uno

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  • SK-70DT-AR display with Arduino Uno

    I am just asking, can this display be used to display an app I have created on Android studio? I will be using the Arduino Uno as I have a fingerprint module for authentication purposes to access the display itself. Can this be done ?. the android studio code will be written in Java. I have not downloaded the 4D software yet. Will I need to download the software to do this?

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    No you cant use Android Studio or Java on the SK-70DT-AR (uLCD-70DT Arduino Starter Kit), that is not how the module works.
    You write your application using our Workshop4 IDE (which you download, yes), not with Java and not with Android Studio, as this is not an Android device.

    It connects to an Arduino using the kit parts provided (-AR designator at the end of the part number), and takes values from the Arduino to update or display values etc on the uLCD-70DT display, and also passes back touches to the Arduino for action, for example.

    Android studio and Java are not relevant at all for this product.