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Trying to display dynamic value from serial input inside a circle pixxiLCD-13P2-CTP

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  • Trying to display dynamic value from serial input inside a circle pixxiLCD-13P2-CTP

    Hi I am wanting to create a Speed Zone / Sign design so that in the middle of the display the value of the speed zone is displayed. I have achieves with functionality previously using one of your large screen.

    So my first step is to simply display a static speed zone value in the middle of the screen

    i have created a red filled circle and then a black filled circle with a smaller radius to give the appearance of a thin red outer circle with a black center where the number is to be placed.

    As per the attached zipped project you can see I have the value 80 appearing in the middle of the circle however when i uplad it to the pixxiLCD-13P2-CTP-CLB all i get to see is the red circle that i need however the number des not display

    I would appreciate any advise on how I can get over this hirdle
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    I am getting this message when uploading to the display

    I have gone to tools and run connection manually and it connects successfully at 115600 and 60000

    i have gone back to thee introduction to pixxi tutorial and loaded the sample file relating to static text and still the text does not display on screen

    when i upload the following messages appear

    GCI Flash File System requires a Flash chip of at least 46.90 KB
    Note: 0 Button Animation Timers in use.
    0 errors
    0 warnings
    5 notices
    No Errors, code size = 1570 bytes out of 32750 total
    Approximate run RAM size = 982 bytes out of 14400 total (Base:338 Disk:38 Img+Font_Controls:578 Img_elements:28)
    Program will run from ram so total initial RAM size = 2552 bytes out of 14400 total
    Download to Flash successful.

    I would appreciate any advise to I can get over this hurdle and proceed with my prodect
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      Your example works find for me, I get a white 80 inside a red circle.

      Is it not working because you can't the filetransfer to work?

      As the message says run it stand alone and check the produced messages.

      You can either start it file the utilities menu, or the Windows Start menu.


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        I have been able to get the circle working and even an ILEDDigit to display

        My next challenge is to find a resourse to explain the magic coding i need so the ILEDigit displays the dynamic value sent to it from a thirds part device using serial input

        I am seding data from a MCU unit that needs to display in the middle of the circle and i am at a loss as to get the data being outputted onto the display


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          reading though the getting started guides for pixxi all refer to using sd cards not flash whilst the round lcd13 needs to use flash


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            You may need use the gen4-IB to communicate with the display when attached to the host as the UPA has a USB-Serial converter connected to Rx-TX

            I hope this helps

            Best regards