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Pixxi-28 and Pixxi-44 pulse counting

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  • Pixxi-28 and Pixxi-44 pulse counting

    I have an upcoming number of applications that will need to count high frequency pulses from “speedometer” sensors on small vehicles. I had planned to use small Arduino boards as the controllers, to manage the sensors and drive the Pixxi displays. I’m wondering now however if the GPIO ports on the Pixxis can be used to count the pulses from the sensors directly. Without any load from processing graphics, what is the fastest a Pixxi-28 based display would be able to count pulses on a GPIO pin without error or lost bits? And I assume that maximum throughput would decrease significantly if the board is being asked to run a “speedometer” smart widget to report the value coming from the sensor? Would a Pixxi-44 display fare any better at this with its larger processor? Thanks in advance for any insight.
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    Pixxi does not currently have a pin counter function, unlike Diablo.

    To do it 'manually, in code' would not be very efficient and pulses could easily be lost.

    You haven't said what size display you are after, so I cannot tell if there is a Diablo display available in that size.


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      Okay, thanks for the heads up Mark. I’ll have my MCU boards do the pulse counting as originally planned then.