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Arduino and uLCD-70DT issue

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  • Arduino and uLCD-70DT issue

    HI i am having a problem with my uLCD-70DT-AR display +Arduino uno sheild adapter.
    in the package I received for my arduino uno i got a shield adapter for the display and connecting cables.
    the display will power up but when I go to the Workshop 4 IDE it will not find the COM PORT in my Case it is COM 4
    i have went and looked at the datasheet provided and it still will not work for me
    all i want this display to do is to show some txt on the screen is this not possible?
    i am a final year student and doing a project can anyone help me please ?

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    Can you please describe how you have the display connected to your PC?
    I assume you have the display directly connected to a programmer, and plugged into the PC?
    I assume you have not connected the display to the Arduino Adaptor and onto your Arduino UNO, and then are trying to program the display through the Arduino's USB port connected to your PC - as that will not work.

    Are you trying to use the Serial environment (SPE) or are you trying to program the display and use ViSi-Genie for example?

    Please explain how you have things connected.