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PIC UART communicate with GEN4-24D

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  • PIC UART communicate with GEN4-24D

    Hi Dear, I just try to play around with GEN4-24D through GEN4-IB connector, directly connect to Pic32 microcontroller.
    Can I use TX send information or just High/Low to Pin1 (Seems you have pin1 to pin16) to GEN4-24D ?
    My plan is to use Visi Gene to create the interface, and use PIC to send information to that interface, is it possible? any sample?
    I did try UART send data to GEN4-24D, but nothing works (except reset), and can not find the support documents, please help, thank you!

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    It's certainly possible, many people have done it, although most seem to have kept the code to themselves.

    See this thread

    Also, it shouldn't be too hard to port the Arduino library to PIC

    What documents are you after? All I expect you would need is the Visi Genie Reference manual try here under the "ViSi-Genie Environment Documentation" heading


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      Hi Mark,
      Visi Geni has important function of events, for example: [ Onchanged : Report Message]. Where can I find the code to understand how this event works with microcontroller. Thanks again


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        When you create a Genie project and compile it the source is placed in the projectname.4DWork folder with the .4DGenies extension.

        But I wouldn't think you'd need that.

        Why not just use GTX (from the tools menu) to see what gets sent back to the microcontroller, it should solidify what you read in the Reference manual


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          Thank you so much Mark, now I'm starting understand a little


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            Amazing, just want to let the beginners know that we can program 4D Systems Display by Visi Genie in IDE, then control it from UART, the UART code can be seen at gtx tools.

            Below is proved working perfect in Pic32:

            // Use Visi Genie to add a "coolgauge", and add a "strings"; use PIC UART sends below to the display (The Hex value came from gtx tool)

            uint8_t message1[] = {0x01, 0x08, 0x00, 0x00,0x14,0x1D}; // let the gauge goes to 20
            uint8_t message2[] = {0x02, 0x00, 0x01, 0x61, 0x62}; // write a "a" in String frame

            int main ( void )
            reset1_Clear(); // Refresh the display


            Voila, it works! Thank you 4D systems, you make my life a lot of easier ....