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microSD card not working

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  • microSD card not working

    We have been using you display's for several years.
    We've been using the Gen4-uLCD-70DT with the Visi-Genie Enviroment.
    Now we've got the issue that some SD cards are not supported.
    The strange thing is that other card from the same batch are working fine.

    On this forum I've seen several topics about cards that do not support SPI.
    When running your program for testing the uSD card the display says that SPI is not supported.

    However. In a product of our own, that also connect the uSD via SPI, the card can be used.
    Therefor the SPI is supported in the uSD.

    Please help, we've purchased a lot of these card mostly to be used in combination with your display's.

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    Can you ship one or two of these non working cards, and perhaps a working one for comparison to

    4D Systems PTY.LTD.
    Unit 7, 103 Sargents Road
    Minchinbury NSW 2770

    And we'll investigate why they are not currently working.

    Thanks for letting us know about this.


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      Hi Mark,

      Thank you for your quick response.
      An envelop with 1 working card and 1 that is not working is on his way to you. (It can take a while to send it from the Netherlands to Australia).

      I'm open to help you improve your acceptance, since I've also developed a SD-card driver for our products.

      Also I've got experience with FAT and FAT32. I think FAT32 support is relatively easy to implement and improves your customer experience.
      For us the production of 100 to 200 systems with your displays can be speed up because default SD-cards can directly be used without having to make them FAT (instead of FAT32).


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        As an update, the customer sent two cards, both having the 'Intenso' brand on the front.

        The working card reports a manufacturer ID of 0x9F and has etched manufacturer information on the rear, including the words 'Made in Taiwan'.

        Analysis of the faulty card has revealed a couple of disturbing issues

        1. It returns a manufacturer ID of 0x00, this is not a valid manufacturer ID, and is cause for concern

        2. When the 'Go Idle State' command is issued the card does not reset itself properly, it is leaving any current 'multiblock' command in progress.

        Issue two is what is causing the card not to function properly and really the best option is to return any such cards to the supplier as faulty.

        The faulty cards have a white screen printed 'Dohxx CE' type logo on the back.