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4DLCD-28320240-[RTP] as primary display Rpi3b+ Raspbian

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  • 4DLCD-28320240-[RTP] as primary display Rpi3b+ Raspbian

    Good evening,
    I am thinking about getting a LCD display (4DLCD-28320240-[RTP]) with the ILI3941V controller.
    I want to use this as primary display so memory/framebuffer.
    I have found information in some forums and also here that it should work with the ILI3941 without V in any case.
    But now I have the question if the whole thing also works with the V-Chip.
    Furthermore I would be interested if you can still use the GPIO pins normally when using it via the SPI bus + framebuffer. With certain configurations of the Hardewareoverlay there should be problems here, as I have read. For me it would be important that in any case i2c and some of the GPIO pins are still available.

    About help and feedback I would be very grateful.

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    So you want to connect the 4DLCD-28320240-RTP bare display, directly to the Raspberry Pi 3B+ - correct? And you want to communicate to it over the SPI interface of the display?

    This is a bare display, so any drivers etc for the Pi you require has to be developed by yourself or found online, we cannot help you with this I am sorry.
    You also need to consider the touch, which is a 4-wire resistive touch panel, so you will either need to handle this on the PI too with GPIO or use an external chip which would typically interface to a host over I2C.

    Sadly there is not much I can help you with on this topic. Bare displays will have quite a bit of development work to get working, unless you have already found resources for the Pi for such displays online.