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  • Device is not responding


    I have a new Gen4-uLCD-32DCT-CLB it was working for a few days. When I want to update our program on the LCD, I connect as usual the LCD with the gen4-PA throught the PC with a USB. Here is the problem: the COM port appears but says "device is not responding". I can't update the driver, either the Pmmc, I have tryied automatically and manually. I get this two messages: "Unexpected response from display:-0" and "List index out of bounds (0)".
    I have been searching a solution on the Forum, and I read something about reseting on PA5, it works but device still not responding.
    What can I do?
    I can update trought uSD the program but then I connected it to the microcontroller and it seems there is not serial communication, it have sense because it doesn't communicates ith the PC as I have explained before.

    I hope someone can help me, I don't want to lose this device, it's new, still have the plastic film protector... ^^"


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    I connected it to the microcontroller and it seems there is not serial communication
    Is the microcontroller connected to the display that you are trying to program?

    If yes, then that might be the cause. Please try disconnecting the microcontroller to the display. In this case, only the programming module is connected to the display.

    Best regards.


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      Hi Ivan,
      Thank you for your answer but not, is not connected at same time to PC and microcontroller.
      First I connected to the PC with gen4-PA, then I have disconnected from PC and connected to the microcontroller with gen4-IB.
      Best regards.


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        To better understand the issue, can you tell me if the display restarts when you press the traffic light?

        Click image for larger version

Name:	traffic light.png
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        Also, try to place a connection between the rx and tx on the Gen4-PA and start the 4D Serial Terminal Utility.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	4d serial terminal.png
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        After this, check if the terminal echos what is typed on your PC keyboard. Please let me know what you observed in this test.

        Best regards.


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          I have experienced the same problems as the people above. The screen itself does turn on but the problem is that it doesn't read the coms in the WS4 itself.
          the program does see the two COM of the Arduino and the screen, but it isn't able to scan the ports.
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