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Problem with IOD.09TH and version 3.0.0 of esp8266 libraries.

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  • Problem with IOD.09TH and version 3.0.0 of esp8266 libraries.

    I am using the GFX4dIoD9 libraries that I have downloaded from your page. I also have the latest version of the esp8266 libraries version 3.0.0
    and I use an IOD-09TH module.
    Well, when compiling the example from your library it gives an error. If I go back to version 2.6.2 of the libraries esp8266 compiles correctly.

    Do you plan to release an updated version of the GFX4dlod9 libraries?

    C:\Users\Jose\Documents\Arduino\libraries\GFX4DIoD9-master\src\GFX4dIoD9.cpp: In member function 'void GFX4dIoD9::begin()':
    C:\Users\Jose\Documents\Arduino\libraries\GFX4DIoD9-master\src\GFX4dIoD9.cpp:299:20: error: cannot convert 'SPISettings' to 'uint32_t' {aka 'unsigned int'}
    299 | if(SD.begin(_sd, spiSettings)){
    | ^~~~~~~~~~~
    | |
    | SPISettings
    In file included from C:\Users\Jose\Documents\Arduino\libraries\GFX4DIoD9-master\src\GFX4dIoD9.h:185,
    from C:\Users\Jose\Documents\Arduino\libraries\GFX4DIoD9-master\src\GFX4dIoD9.cpp:178:
    C:\Users\Jose\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\esp8266\hardware\esp8266\3.0.0\libraries\SD\src/SD.h:35:43: note: initializing argument 2 of 'boolean SDClass::begin(uint8_t, uint32_t)'
    35 | boolean begin(uint8_t csPin, uint32_t cfg = SPI_HALF_SPEED) {
    C:\Users\Jose\Documents\Arduino\libraries\GFX4DIoD9-master\src\GFX4dIoD9.cpp: In member function 'void GFX4dIoD9::ImageWifi(boolean, String, uint16_t, String, String)':
    C:\Users\Jose\Documents\Arduino\libraries\GFX4DIoD9-master\src\GFX4dIoD9.cpp:1092:41: error: no matching function for call to 'HTTPClient::begin(String&, uint16_t&, String&, String&)'
    1092 | if(!http.begin(Address,port,hfile,sha1)) return;
    | ^
    In file included from C:\Users\Jose\Documents\Arduino\libraries\GFX4DIoD9-master\src\GFX4dIoD9.cpp:184:
    C:\Users\Jose\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\esp8266\hardware\esp8266\3.0.0\libraries\ESP8266HTTPC lient\src/ESP8266HTTPClient.h:161:10: note: candidate: 'bool HTTPClient::begin(WiFiClient&, const String&)'
    161 | bool begin(WiFiClient &client, const String& url);
    | ^~~~~
    C:\Users\Jose\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\esp8266\hardware\esp8266\3.0.0\libraries\ESP8266HTTPC lient\src/ESP8266HTTPClient.h:161:10: note: candidate expects 2 arguments, 4 provided
    C:\Users\Jose\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\esp8266\hardware\esp8266\3.0.0\libraries\ESP8266HTTPC lient\src/ESP8266HTTPClient.h:162:10: note: candidate: 'bool HTTPClient::begin(WiFiClient&, const String&, uint16_t, const String&, bool)'
    162 | bool begin(WiFiClient &client, const String& host, uint16_t port, const String& uri = "/", bool https = false);
    | ^~~~~

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    Welcome to the forum,

    Yes we are aware of this issue and we always make changes to the libraries if it is a significant change. Presently we are trying to determine if the HTTP Client errors are due to a permanent change or an issue with the latest ESP8266 core but as soon as this is known we will be modifying the library to suit.

    Best regards



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      It is a breaking change of core so we have modified the library to be compatible with core version 3.0.0

      You will find compile time quite a bit longer and at the moment every time you compile. Other users of the core have noticed this also so I hope this will be fixed soon.

      I have attached the new library here if you would like to try it. It should be available via Github within 24 hours.

      Best regards

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