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Copying files of project to Pixxi (including images)

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  • Copying files of project to Pixxi (including images)

    My situation is the following:
    I have a round pixxiLCD-13P2CT-CLB screen. This screen does not have a SDcard slot.
    I have a project that requires a background image and many other images to be loaded to the screen.

    I have done this task on the other screens that do have the SDcard.

    My problem:
    I cannot get the images to display on the screen at all.

    What I have tried:
    I have installed AND uninstalled all the drivers and tried all to them with the "build/load" function.
    I have tried uploading the build files directly using the file transfer utility

    What I need:
    1. An explanation of what I need the settings for the baud rate to be in the SI labs tool that is found on the programming cable page.
    2. A step by step guide of how to upload project files with the images to the pixxi display
    My suggestion:

    I see this same problem all over the forms. Please create a better "getting started guide" that explains the file locations and how to upload projects on the different types of screens.
    It does not help that you have amazing hardware but your IDE makes it very difficult to upload anything to the screens. Our company decided to try your technology because of good reviews, but the time to market is too long with the fragmented manuals. Breaking the manuals up into task specific topics is great, but we cannot figure out what fits on what product. One consolidated guide per type of screen would help speed up the development process for all the engineers and hobbyists that like your products.

    my simple project is attached.

    Thank you in advance
    Attached Files